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Pair of Stainless steel Tree-pole climbing Spike shoes

Pair of Stainless steel Tree-pole climbing Spike shoes

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Tree climbing spikes kit has a wide range of uses, you can use it to practice tree climbing, jungle survival, aerial work, indoor and outdoor climbing picking fruits and vegetables, etc., when you use it for the first time, please practice

Tree climbing spikes is durable, rust-resistant, and wear-resistant, stainless steel claws can make your tree climbing process become more safe and effective.

Non-slip pedals at the bottom of your feet at the same time can make your work process become more stable and comfortable

Safe & Durable: The whole body is made of stainless steel, the gaffs are very sharp, durable and does not deform
Comfortable: Cattle hide leggings can effectively reduce the friction of climbing trees on your legs 

Easy to use: Climbing spikes are light and small. Convenient to carry. It is ideal for practicing tree climbing, jungle survival, fruit picking, hunting and more. The maximum load capacity is 90kg

Guidance: For beginning learners, it suggested you start practicing using the tool from some low places. Concentrate your force inward from the pair of "claws”, your hands and body always form a triangle,

The clamping strength from the claws together with your climbing strength help you move upward, please note that hugging the tree and move upward is not correct way 

Tree climbing tool features : 

Light weight, very easy to take, The best tree climbing artifact

The body should not be near with trees, and the hands, feet and hips should be placed in a triangular shape.

Agile and professional: Using correct way to practice, you can be quick like a cat climb the tree

Special design and comfortable: The 4 Claws design of the cat's paw firmly cling to the trunk

Enjoy the outdoor life: You can pick the fruit and coconut from the tree by it . Observation the bird sight and overlooking the beautiful scenery

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