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Agriculture Pick Mattock with Comfortable Fibreglass Handle

Agriculture Pick Mattock with Comfortable Fibreglass Handle

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⛏️Transform Your Landscaping Experience!⛏️

🌱Meet our Agriculture Pick Mattock—a strong and handy tool perfect for many farming jobs like digging, weeding, and breaking up soil.🌱 

🌱With its comfy fibreglass handle, this tool is built to make your work easier and more efficient.🌱

🍃Dual-Head Design🍃

Combines a pick and a mattock blade for multifunctional use. The pick end is perfect for breaking hard soil and rocks, while the mattock blade is ideal for chopping roots and digging trenches.

🍃Comfortable Fibreglass Handle🍃

The handle is made from high-quality fibreglass, providing a strong, lightweight, and durable grip. It absorbs shock and reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use.

🍃High-Quality Steel Head🍃

The head is made from high-carbon steel, which makes it very strong, tough, and able to stay sharp for a long time.

This means it can handle hard jobs without wearing out quickly, giving you a reliable tool that lasts.


Both the fibreglass handle and steel head are resistant to weather elements, ensuring the tool remains reliable in various environmental conditions.

🍃Ergonomic Grip🍃

The handle features an ergonomic design with a non-slip grip, ensuring maximum comfort and control, even in wet or slippery conditions.


☘️Agriculture: Ideal for breaking up hard soil, digging trenches, and removing deep-rooted weeds.

☘️Gardening: Useful for preparing garden beds, digging holes for planting, and chopping through tough roots.

☘️Landscaping: Suitable for breaking up rocky ground and compacted soil in landscaping projects.

☘️Construction: Effective for excavation and demolition tasks on construction sites.

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