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Stand Up Weed Puller Tool

Stand Up Weed Puller Tool

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"Weed puller for gardeners and farmers very easy to use for picking out entire longer taproot, fibrous root and grass roots without breaking them off"

Easy Installation: The weed puller tool replacement head has a 1.18-inch wide interface, with a screw-fastening port on the side.

This allows you to customize the handle's length according to your preference and height, ensuring a comfortable and personalized user experience.

Strong and Rust Resistant: Made from high hardness steel alloy, this weeding removal tool is built to withstand the test of time. It is suitable for all types of soil, especially when used after heavy rain or watering,

Although it is not suitable for use in hard soil. Its added rust-resistant design ensures that it remains a reliable tool in your yard garden toolkit.

Easy Weeding: The weeding puller consists of four 3-inch claws with serrated teeth designed for anti-slip purposes, specifically for removing nearly any type of weed. No bending or kneeling is required, reducing the strain on your knees and back.

Widely Applicable: The weed puller is workable for crabgrass, thistle, tap root, crab grass, taproot, plantain, clover, burdock, bush etc. This tool easily eradicates them and their roots to keep your garden tidy.

Service Guarantee: The stand-up weed puller tool comes with a 24-month warranty. We always prioritize the buyer's shopping experience, so if you encounter any issues when receiving or using this weed puller tool, please send us a message for a replacement or refund.


Stand-up Weeding Tool

Saves you from bending over or crawling on your hands and knees

2.5” Longer Claws

Go deep enough to get the whole root without breaking them off or having them slipped off

Durable and Works on Almost All Plants

Not only for smaller weeds with a single, central root, broad-leaved plants, but also the best for removal of bigger, more sprawling weeds with established underground root

31-62” Adjustable Handle

Longer handle for better ergonomics and make all users pull weeds standing up

Heavy Steel Constructed

Both head and handle are made of rust free steel, last a lifetime without getting broken or


Easy Assembly and Use

Weeder tool comes with almost fully assembled. Just press the tongs into soil around the unwanted plant, lean to the side to make the tongs compress around the roots, and pull up


1 Stand up weeder tool

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